How to use EuroVoIP service - Ways to call


You can use your EuroVoIP account:

Instructions for Mobile phone or Tablet

If you want to use our free app download the FREE app YourDialer from Google Play if you have an Android device or YourDialer from Apple App Store or MobileVoIP from your windows phone/tablet

If your phone natively supports it, you don't even have to use an app. If you are familiar with SIP settings, you can go to Advanced settings and make a new profile with your SIP login credentials that you can find in your Settings page here and add or as server. For more information about this check our Knowledge Base

If you wish to use our service from your tablet, download the same app as described in above or any other VoIP app - softphone you like creating a profile for our service.

Other well known applications / Softphones are: Android (CSipSimple, Grand Stream Wave, linphone, MizuDroid, zoiper), iOS (Grand Stream Wave, linphone, zoiper, ‎Acrobits Softphone)

Instructions for SIP device / router / Analog adapter

You can always use our service from your own SIP device, DSL router or put an Analog Adapter (ATA) before your phone device you already possess (PSTN wired or wireless phone device). In most devices you will only need to enter our server. In some devices it is also called SIP domain, Host or SIP proxy.

SIP Server / SIP domain / SIP proxy: Port: 5060

We use the default port, but in case you are blocked by a firewall you can use some alternatives: 5060, port: 6000, port: 6000

(optional) In case your device needs STUN to work, enter: or

Some Compatible devices: Fritz! Box, Cisco (SPA112, SPA122, SPA504G, CP-8861, CP-7843), Gigaset(DE IP Pro series, GO series, Maxwell 10, Maxwell 3 Pro Basic, N510 IP Pro), Grandstream (GXP-1630, GXP-2160, GXP-2170, GXP-2200, GXV-3140, GXV-3240,HT812, HT813, HT814), snom( 300, 700, 800, D300, D700, M300, M325, M700, D series version 10), Yealink (T41p, T46G, T48G)

Using from Landline or other phone line (no internet needed)

In some countries we offer you a local landline number which allows you to make calls via your EuroVoIP account through a normal phone.
With this service you don’t need a computer to use your account.
From any phone, call the access number (you will be charged by your operator at the price of a call to a landline).

If your number was recognized as one of the numbers you entered here you will hear a message asking you to enter the number of the person you wish to contact and then press the # (the call to this number will be charged to this account).

Using from desktop computer

You can use our service from your computer using any VoIP application. Here is MobileVoIP (fully compatible, shows your current balance, has ability to set CallerID):

Other Compatible applications: Windows Softphones( X-Lite / Bria 5, linphone, Phoner, Phoner Lite, Zoiper 5), MAC Softphones: (linphone,X-Lite / Bria 5, zoiper)

If you need more help, read our help page and check the knowledge base / ticket support system for more details.