FREE software download

If you want to use our service from your mobile device (phone, tablet etc), you can download the FREE app YourDialer from Google Play if you have an Android device or YourDialer from Apple App Store. In case you have a Windows device you can download MobileVoIP

To use the app you need WiFi or 3G Internet Connection. Make sure you give the app all permissions, in order to use WiFI, your microphone and read the contact list in order to dial instantly. Have in mind that your contacts must be stored in international format (+ sign or 00 followed by the country code and then the number). After downloading the app all you have to do is to enter your SIP login credentials, which you can find in the Settings Page.

Our app will show you the cost for every call, during the call, and your available credit balance on your account.

YourDialer on Android phone:



MobileVoIP on windows tablet:


You can always use your favorite app or, if your device supports native SIP calling, to use our service (check settings page) as a default calling method.

If you need more help, read our help page and check the knowledge base / ticket support system for more details.